The Nairobi Wellness Walk is an initiative of The University of Nairobi Seventh-day Adventist (UoNSDA) Church in partnership with other organizations to promote health and wellness. This annual wellness campaign had its debut in February 28th 2016 and is scheduled for every last Sunday in February. The UONSDA Church has a long history of involvement in community outreach which has typically been in the form of ministry to the needy, to the sick, the street children as well as gospel preaching in campus,1515 in Nairobi and in rural Kenya.

The Need

There has been a rising wave of health challenges in our country especially relating to lifestyle diseases in the past few years. These diseases which were previously thought to affect the old and the affluent are increasingly defying age and class to become a matter of great national health concern. Globally, over 68% of deaths are attributable to Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs). In Kenya, NCDs account for about 40% of deaths, 50% of hospital admissions and 55% of hospital deaths.

NAWEWA is an initiative meant to further reach the community within Nairobi with tools to enable them make healthy choices for a fuller, more vibrant and productive life. The rallying call of NAWEWA - Life to the Fullest, aptly captures this aspiration. The World Health Organization defines wellness as a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of infirmity. The implication of this is that successful health education must address the whole person.


Long-term objective: To build a Wellness Center in Nairobi that shall act as a one-stop shop and Center for Preventive Health and Wellness.

At the end of each NAWEWA, participants should be able to:
  1. Have participated in the NAWEWA marathon/walk to enhance fitness.
  2. Undergo a wellness check-up and assessment.
  3. Understand the close relationship between physical, mental, social and spiritual health.
  4. Identify and appreciate various recipes that can enable them prepare healthy wholesome meals.
  5. Use the knowledge garnered to be a community wellness ambassador


The Walk is managed by a secretariat commissioned by the University of Nairobi SDA Church to organize... and do all in its capacity to bring on board other Partners and Stakeholders to ensure the success of the Event. The leadership is composed of members drawn from different sectors of the economy,having within it Bankers,Medical proffessionals,Sociologists, amongst other disciplines

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